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Изменено (mikaleese): 10/20/2019 5:03:24 AM

Extreme lag but internet is ok? :( help plz

the video is basiclly what im experiencing, ill headshot somone with my bow they will take no dmg ill run around for 10 seconds ill die then see my kill displayed, ive tested my internet countless times its fine im getting about 152 mb/s also i have testing whilst downloading a game and still high download speed i cant figure out why destiny 2 is doing this but i really wanna play while iron banner is still up :( Please help. PS: I have tested the network in gambit and in small scenarios like simple patrols and stuff and it still lags like crazy earlier this morning i played before work for 3 hours and it was working perfectly ive restarted, reset my router and modem, all of the above i feel it may still be a pc issue.
#Help #Networking

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