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Изменено (Slaya): 10/21/2019 3:13:26 PM

Make All Faction Ornaments (FWC, Dead Orbit, New Monarchy) Universal Ornaments!

Why is it that Bungie is just pretending that the faction rallies never happened? My favorite armor set in this game, by far, is the season 3 New Monarchy ornament set for warlocks, as pictured. But, I'm unable to use it as a universal ornament set. I grinded my brains out for this set of ornaments, and now I can't use them. At the same time, however, Vanguard and Crucible ornaments from all years were converted into universal ornaments. And, it's not a question of keeping things away from new players: new players have no way to earn the old seasonal ornament sets for Vanguard/Crucible gear either. So, why are the faction ornaments being treated differently? Please, Bungie, let me use my favorite armor!!

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