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A Fellowship Broken

As the Dwarf burst open the private living quarters in the burning Temple of Bernthal, exhaustion was met with overwhelming despair and......the bitterness of betrayal. There in the middle of the floor clinging to his final moments in this world was my friend and mentor, the Chosen One to spread the good news of the Supreme Molasses Cookie, xombiexronad. White Witch Nil, or as she had asked us years ago to call her just Nil, backed away from Xombie with undead flesh and gore still clinging to her hands and arms. Benaiah noticed a gaping hole in her robe and chest, coagulated blood being frozen solid and what looked like ice filling the void as she backed away from xombiexronad. She didn’t seem bothered in the least by the wound despite the severity. She didn’t bother to wipe the mess off of her, she merely looked up and locked eyes with the Dwarf. No words passed either of their lips as the scene required none, and both knew none would suffice. She only broke their gaze as she muttered the incantation to Teleport her out of the messy scene. As Benaiah hurries over to his friend he pulls his helmet off and lets it fall hard to the marble floor. He skids in on his knees and tries to cradle and lift his friend to a sitting position, only to be waved away. Choking through the pain racking his body, Xombie gurgles “She’s forgotten. It can’t be hubris...” *coughs and convulses* The Dwarf says as he attempts Lay on Hands “Don’t ye be worryin’ about which it is just now, save yer strength and we’ll be wringing the truth of it out of her together!” Half smiling as best he could, Xombie continued “You know that’s never worked on something as undead as I, so quit wasting our time and listen!” At which point he shoves a thick block of ice into the Dwarf’s hand. Xombie continues “She’s forgotten that this is the key to her end and you have never known you hold the key to it!” His part bone and decrepit flesh hand palms the Dwarf’s breastplate as if trying to grab at it. The Dwarf through tears welling up asks “What’re ye getting at?” With his final breath XombieXronad says “Make sure she gets it back once you’re done with it......” At which point the vibrant viridescent flames that had taken the place of xombiexronad’s eyes long ago flickered once....twice....then extinguished altogether and his body finally discovers the stillness it should have known centuries ago. Free flowing tears mingled with sweat and undead grime as they poured from the shaking but silent Dwarf holding his friend. He leans forward and places his forehead to that of his friend’s and mutters a silent prayer to Bernthal as he lays his body down onto the cold floor. Standing up he angrily grabs his helmet from its resting place on the floor and then gives notice to the cold burning sensation his other hand was experiencing and opened it up to see what Xombie had given him. It was just a chunk of ice at first glance, but as he inspected it further he could see what could only be a heart at its core. The meaning of it all couldn’t get through the Dwarf’s grief ridden psyche. As he walked out of the room that had held his friend’s final moments and two friends had become adversaries, Benaiah pockets the chunk of ice, replaces his helmet atop his head and grabs a Molasses cookie on his way out the door..... To be continued.... [spoiler]This has been brewing for a while, and I’ve gotten permission for all events that have and will come. Hope y’all enjoy.[/spoiler]

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