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10/20/2019 8:08:46 PM

Matrix of darkness is recruiting! [XBOX], Discord required.

Requirements: you must meet 1 of the following criteria: 30 + full clears of any raids 10 + full clears of 1 year 2 raid 2 + garden of salvation clears (will be increased over time to reflect how long the raid has been available) 1.5+ KD with at least 250 games played Matrix of darkness is looking to grow its ranks with expert level raiders, high tier nightfallers and all around active people to join our community, our discord has a multitude of channels for each activity in the game including a automatic bungie twab channel and a useful information channel which is updated by our mods and admins personally with what we feel will be useful for times to come, along with tags for each relevant raid to chase after during each seasonal content drop, join this amazing community while we walk the fine line of light and dark together. We are mainly a PVE clan but occasionally dip into the PVP side of things for quests, iron banner, special events or just some fun in a slow point of content. Activity requirements are to be active for at least a few days a week (we all have lives to live, we don't all live on this game... well... some of us do, but we don't expect YOU to) while activity checks are conducted once a month, if you must take a prolonged break from the game just let an admin know, there will be no problems with this message me (adamsmith12) or KaoS AequitaS with your Xbox gamer tag so we can check your stats etc to make sure you meet requirements and you will receive an invite to the discord and clan as soon as we can get around to it, if one of us isn't responding try messaging the other as we are in separate time zones. hope to see you with us soon!

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