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10/20/2019 8:04:22 PM

Triumph notification but no complete triumphs waiting

Hey, I have a bit of an odd and seemingly obscure problem. As shown in the attached video, I have a notification indicating that I have a completed triumph waiting to be redeemed, but upon scouring the menus there is no visible triumphs that are waiting to be redeemed, and checking the website for information on my triumphs, it tells me the same thing. From the indicators on the UI, it would almost seem as if I somehow have not discovered the triumph I have apparently completed, but I can only infer so much from what I can see, it could just as easily be a triumph that may be "stuck" in a state where I've redeemed it while the game thinks I haven't. How would I go about fixing this so I'm no longer haunted by this mystery notification, short of making sure I find every last bit of lore?

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