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впервые опубликовано в: Ok, I need a bit of help from you folks with glasses
10/20/2019 6:07:16 PM
Me, a nerd looker since 2nd grade (genes... sad I know): Now you’re speaking my language! First, the nose problem, My current glasses (I’ve gone through a few) aren’t the carppy, but they aren’t too “high of quality” looking. Mainly cause they are black, smooth plastic, and the nose holder is literally the lens frames, but it’s wider. A nice solution is pushing the nose rest BACK closer to your face. Soooooo much more relieving. I haven’t had any nose/ head problems in a long time. Not sure if this may work for you. Pushing back your glasses also help your sucky eye to see a bit better as it is closer to the lens. Now the eye thing, I’m pretty sure the heaviness would be from the different type of lens in the glasses. Maybe with the new fix they added a heavier glass, or maybe youre used to it now. Or maybe they adjusted the nose rest but I think it’s the first or second one. ~your local piece o’ pork and glasses

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