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10/20/2019 5:46:54 PM
[i]I don’t have much to add, although it sounds like you went for style over comfort. I recently got 2 pairs of new glasses earlier this year, because my eyesight had deteriorated, and I needed new lenses . Up until then, I’d been wearing a pair that I got back in 2013. In terms of quality, my new frames are on par with my old ones ( they’re all ‘designer’ frames ). My favourite of the 2 fits like a glove, and I keep them in storage for fancy occasions ( this is how my brain works, I save my best/favourite things because I think they are too good for daily use ). The other pair which I use for every day use ( work, and relaxing at home ) keeps sliding down the bridge of my nose. Also, for the first few months, it was leaving a bruise on the left side of my nose where the plastic pad rests on my nose. Epicperon made a great observation about those nose pads. Rubber would be superior to plastic. I had t noticed until he mentioned it, but the nose pads on my amazing glasses are rubber, and the nose pads on the shitty pair that I currently have on are plastic, and it makes a huge difference in comfort, and fit.[/i]

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