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10/20/2019 5:30:03 PM
[quote]So, I am on year 3 of wearing glasses and I am having an issue. First, I can not wear contacts, as I can not touch my eye or have anything get close to them, so while I appreciate the contact lens suggestion, it is not a viable option. It is a long story why I can't, but if you would like me to be even more long winded than usual, I can oblige. Ok, so my problem comes with the way they rest on my nose. I have had them adjusted, many times, but sometimes, I just can't seem to feel comfortable with them on. It is like it creates nose fatigue. Now, in case you are wondering, I have titanium frames and because I have phenomenal insurance through work, I bought some expensive frames, due to the reviews that said they were too quality & me knowing jack all about glasses. (There is a picture at the bottom.) Also, since my left eye is perfect, that is just a clear lense, but I would swear the right side lense [i]feels[/i] heavier, but not until this current, updated, prescription. Is this normal? I really don't have anyone around me to ask, except my father in law and, welp, he is a moron. Thanks in advance guys & gals.[/quote] If you can spare to take off your glasses when your nose is uncomfortable, go ahead and do so. I have to remember to clean my nose pieces off or simply wipe them so that they can grip my nose better. If your right eye feels heavier it’s because that lens has to have started out thick enough to make it convex or concave, I believe. I think you can get glass lenses or some other lighter type of substance for the lease that is supposedly lighter and more durable. Or perhaps you should just rock the monocle and bring it back to men’s fashion.

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