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Ok, I need a bit of help from you folks with glasses

So, I am on year 3 of wearing glasses and I am having an issue. Edit: Also, I can't get a monocle, I tried! [b][i][u]Edit 2: I am going to see about getting the eye doc/glasses maker person to help me out with them, as several have recommended.[/u][/i][/b] First, I can not wear contacts, as I can not touch my eye or have anything get close to them, so while I appreciate the contact lens suggestion, it is not a viable option. It is a long story why I can't, but if you would like me to be even more long winded than usual, I can oblige. Ok, so my problem comes with the way they rest on my nose. I have had them adjusted, many times, but sometimes, I just can't seem to feel comfortable with them on. It is like it creates nose fatigue. Now, in case you are wondering, I have titanium frames and because I have phenomenal insurance through work, I bought some expensive frames, due to the reviews that said they were too quality & me knowing jack all about glasses. (There is a picture at the bottom.) Also, since my left eye is perfect, that is just a clear lense, but I would swear the right side lense [i]feels[/i] heavier, but not until this current, updated, prescription. Is this normal? I really don't have anyone around me to ask, except my father in law and, welp, he is a moron. Thanks in advance guys & gals.

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