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Strike Playlists

I usually complete strikes in under 10min.


It usually takes longer than 10min for a strike.


I don't play Strikes very often.


Strike playlists are cool. After discovering that Lake of Shadows started from the directory only gives 2 Vanguard Tokens, this playlist is where I farm Tokens now. Unfortunately in 95% of match-made strike games, the other 2 people play like they have to kill every single enemy throughout the entire strike. This for me is incredibly boring as most of the time I will be forced to solo the strike and the only time I even see the teammates is when they're teleported to the end boss. If I screw up and die when trying to discover faster ways to do things I end up having to wait the full 30 seconds to respawn because of how far behind they are. If you're one of these people who leech off my strikes, please use a Boon at least. Not entirely sure what I'm asking for, maybe some kind of matchmaking that gathers players based on their average time spent in a strike. Maybe a separate playlist of strikes that are like time-trials, things like the Outbreak and Sleeper quests (but on a shorter timer of course). I'd really like to see that latter option, but I don't get to make those decisions. Have fun and please be honest in the poll.

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