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Изменено (TheAlphaHydra): 10/20/2019 10:44:33 PM

after lurking for months and considering everyone is making their rounds on this rp stuff i think its time i make the funny post again

i agree


i disagree


Poll Answer 3


1. theres too much rp, this creates a large amount of drama cause u people cant decide wether u want to be a battle toaster or a demigod, focus in and make a rp megathread rather then a slew of threads, it allows for better discussion rather then seeing the daily 7 out of 20 trending posts be a rp thread 2. dont be an ass when someone (including me, just calling myself out so u dont get raged) has an opinion that isnt rp is the greatest thing on this subforum and should be praised, this is the internet we are talkin about here just because ur not happy with everyone doesnt mean you should go baby mode, if ur gettin so pissed about words on a screen then you will have no chance in the real world 3. stop taking this so seriously, i mean come on people its a bunch of text on a screen that will get drowned out within a week, is it really necessary to get so worked up about it? i may not be a rp kinda fella but from an outsiders perspective ur literally freaking out about he said she said kinda crap. okay, got that crap outta my system, now discuss and be civil. edit: thank u downvote army mwah mwah kissy mwah

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