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10/19/2019 6:48:48 AM

How does the servers work now that destiny is under steam?

Back when destiny was under blizzard you could just change your region in the launcher but now that it is under steam you cant and its auto is what i've been told. I'm a very new player (less than a month) and im looking for a clan but since i reside in Asia (specifically SEA) , does that mean i cannot join a NA clan and play with them? (or servers for that matter) English is my first language and what i have noticed is that in almost all of my strikes/crucibles/gambits games im matched with many many chinese named players and other non english speaking people so there is practically no communication. Playing other games the usual workaround is to play on NA servers but since i cant do that im not sure what my choices are and googling such matters havent been of much help so far. So TLDR: As an asian player am i able to join a NA/EU clan/servers and do stuff with them? If not, where does one find a english speaking clan thats from asian servers? (i cant seem to filter that in the clan recruitment page) If anyone could shed some light on this it would be very appreciated.
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