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10/17/2019 2:23:44 PM

Introduction: Quests issue.

I have completed every world quest except one called "Enhance!", this quest doesn't appear for me at all and I have checked videos of where to find it, how to start it, everything I could think of. The quest just is not there at all which is really annoying. I am asking because the quest is required to a larger one, where I am supposed to complete a series of different quests around a select few planets, the large quest is called: "Introduction: Quests". Is this a common issue or am I just unlucky? People who have had the same issue, please explain how I should go by with this, is there anything I can do? - I read somewhere, probably on Reddit that the quest has previously been removed from the game, but no reason why or if it is back in-game on the current date. I can't know if this reliable information, therefore I am asking in this forum instead.

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