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10/17/2019 2:06:05 AM

Scour the Rust and IB Bouties - zero progress recorded at step one

I finished "scour the rust" on my Hunter last night (legit - using Colony got my GL kills). Tonight, I signed into my warlock and: 1) collected the "scour the rust" quest from Lord Saladin 2) collected 4 bounties from Lord Saladin, and ran a match. 3) collected 2 weekly and 4 daily Crucible bounties from Shaxx 4) Left tower directly to IB as a destination 5) Ran a match Match linked at or screen shot at Some of the crucible bounties from (3) registered and completed. There was no progress recorded on any IB activity - scour the rust and the 4 bounties had no progress. The 6 zone caps, and 3 or 4 super kills, 20 kills not registered. What's up? I saw posts and articles online regarding bugged steps near the end of the quest, but I have not seen posts about the bounties not working. Thanks in advance for the help!

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