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Изменено (KryptonPrimus): 10/10/2019 3:43:41 AM

Gofannon forge is freezing after wave 2

Issues w/ Gofannon forge only?


Issues w/ Volundr forge only?


Issues w/ Izanami forge only?


Issues w/ Bergusia forge only?


A mixture of the above (please comment)?




Dear viewer(s): Both the Bergusia AND Volundr forge were working fine for me a day ago. I got on today to forge a machine gun frame, but the Gofannon forge keeps freezing once wave two is completed. Also, I've been seeing other posts say that it is due to [Maximum Temper] being activated. However, only one of my video clips shows the Maximum Temper buff active before my game crashes. On the other clip the maximum temper buff is not active, yet the game still crashes. Feedback: I think players should be able to choose which forge they want to go to. Having the forges only be accessible through [u]one [/u]node on the EDZ map is a [u]single point of failure[/u]. I say this considering that from my personal experience the Bergusia and Volundr forge seemed to be working a day ago. Keep in mind, I cannot recall if I ever got the maximum temper buff during those forge runs. Sincerely, Pedro Fernández

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