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Destiny 2

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Изменено (ShonFr0st): 10/17/2019 5:08:22 AM

Bungie, it’s time to update your sensitivity options on controller.

The sensitivity options in this game are, simply put, laughable. On controller, anything below 8 makes your sprint turn radius incredibly large, because there’s little acceleration, so you have to cram the stick all the way to get the maximum rotation (and no, I won’t waste a slot for traction in order to play on low sensitivity to put a bandaid on it). On the opposite side of the spectrum, the footbal-field-sized deadzones make sniper aiming and fine adjustments very hard on high sensitivity, as moving the stick in a small radius gives you no input, but as soon as you exit the deadzone the sensitivity immediately kicks in at full force and throws your reticle on Jupiter. The difference is highly noticeable if you play any other game with decent customization options and then come back to d2. In my experience, after a game on Apex with its fluid sensitivity Destiny feels quite sluggish and requires some time to readjust, and that’s an issue because it hurts the enjoyment of an otherwise great game. So, Bungie, I beg of you, give us: -a higher spectrum of sensitivities -split sensitivity for x and y axis -deadzone control -acceleration control It shouldn’t be hard to implement, and it would totally improve the quality of life of your players.

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