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Missing Silver. Please assist.

I bought 5000+1000 silver on the 10th of october and a couple of hours after the purchase I noticed that my silver balance is negative. Support told me that I got a refund of that purchase. But since I bought silver with money from my steam wallet and steam does not allow to get a refund for in-game purchase made using steam wallet in Destiny 2, I could not get it even if I wanted to. All transactions are marked as succesful and steam support page forwards me to Bungie support, which ignores my tickets (4187 and 5217) for some reason after I clarified that my purchase is unavaliable for a refund. I just want some help because I cant get a response from anyone. UPD (10/17): Steam support is absolutely sure that I must solve this problem with the Bungie support team. They confirmed that all transactions are marked as succesful. UPD (10/21): Still nothing. Well, this is depressing. UPD (11/07): Problem solved. Got my silver back.

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