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10/12/2019 12:47:56 PM

Digital Deluxe with no season pass?

I pre ordered the Digital Deluxe season pass for my son PlayStation but after SK launched upon login he did not have the Season pass. Looks like the issue is that because his account is a sub account to mine and he’s under 13 that PlayStation won’t allow him to purchase due to content restrictions, but when I purchase it doesn’t transfer the season pass to his character. I called Sony and after an hour and a half of trying things they threw up their hands and suggested they refund my money and have me try to purchase again on his account, even though they acknowledged this was not possible. They suggested he create a new account that wasn’t restricted. This would work but would mean throwing away the last two years of progress on his account. I purchased again last night (Digital deluxe) just because he wanted to start playing again. Still no season pass for him. As a further thorn in our sides, Sony started collecting sales tax on Oct 1st so this cost me $5.01 more than last time. I tried to purchase 1,000 silver on his account, but even that didn’t work. I have purchased the digital deluxe version twice on PC (my daughter and I both play) and now purchased it on PSN twice (once refunded) but without the Season pass benefit. What do I need to do so my son can enjoy what he paid for (it’s his money after all)

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