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Изменено (TheWolfQueen): 10/13/2019 10:09:30 AM

Crescent Wolf Pack (xbox, ps4 & pc) 18+

To all those who walk in darkness be warned, we guardians may not have our light but we still have our hearts. For a spark from one shall light the way for all. So watch your backs all who walk the dark, for you shall fall once again because we have returned, with strength, friendship and most of all hope, the might of which you can never stop. For our pack has come back to bring hope for all. We strive to maintain an honest and friendly pack, we've seen the darkness inside of people and know first hand that friendships can be broken like a hammer on a window. This clan requires people to use [b]Discord [/b]please make sure you download the app available on the App Store, Google Play Store, Windows or Mac. [b]This clan is available for Xbox PS4 and PC users.[/b] As soon as you join the clan the discord invite link will be provided in the chat section! We are open to do raids, menagerie runs, vex offensive runs, pvp games, gambit and all the amazing group activities so join us for the fun!

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