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10/13/2019 1:45:23 AM

gamesharing has bricked my game files.

a friend of mine game shared me shadowkeep until i was able to purchase it. Everything was working fine until about 2 days ago when i started to have audio drops (specifically music) my screen would freeze and the game would quit out. (i was also having screen displacement issues meaning numbers on glimmer would be placed in other areas of the screen kind of like a messed up newspaper collage) this would all happen while playing with the friend who shared it to me. these issues would also carry over to my ps4 home screen making any sort of action slower and resulted in my screen freezing again. if i quit out of destiny these issues would stop. today i purchased shadowkeep, wiped my entire ps4 and re downloaded all my files but the problem still persists. whenever playing with my friend in any sort of activity it begins to freeze, shutdown, and lose audio making the game unplayable. Any solution would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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