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My PC tranasfer + Cross save Issue

Hello, this is my case: 1. Pre Order Destiny 2 Deluxe Shadow Keep 2. Account migrated from Blizzard to Steam OK: ( i purchase Destiny 2 before of free edition) 3. After i have transfer OK: i enable the Cross-Save with My PSN Account with all the seasons pass before Shadow Keep. 4. Cross-Save Works and i can log in with my PSN Account in-game and my guardians are there, but then a pop-up message that i have to purchase Shadow Keep but in-game I received from Eris the pre-orders items of Deluxe Edition. (Game license works but game not) 5. So before to wait 10-11 days to have the support of Bungie i ordered another Deluxe Edition and now my Profile in Bungie shows that i have shadow Keep but in-game it doesn't work. Can you please Help Me? almost 6 days without any benefit of new game and i want to purchase Forsaken in Steam but i have the fear that Bungie don't fix this issue and i wasted money for the third time.

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