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Destiny 2

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10/9/2019 5:18:46 PM

Titans have the ability to one-hit supers and have near infinite-suppressor grenades...

The fact that One-Eyed Mask is Still used when these options that are clearly great options while one of them even has a healing ability should scream that this helmet is actually a problem, even when there are other -blam!-ing options such as: - A shield that reflects bullets that, from my own -blam!-ing experience, blocks supers like Nova Bomb, Shards of Jelly, Dawn-Blade Shots, ect. - A Helmet that makes your Bubble, now fitted with weapons of Light, give you an Overshield that is actually meaningful in gunfights - A Helmet that Gives infinite Arc Melee's - Gauntlets that Ensure you win any melee Fight with another player - Gauntlets that buff your Melee Range, while also giving One-Hit Potential to Thundercrash's Melee - A Chest-piece that gives you Two Grenades, which makes Zone-Control piss-easy The fact that OEM is used constantly over all of these Actually good options should say something about the exotic itself, especially when it is as consistent as it is

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