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[PC/English Speaking/Casual/EU] - Fatum | Open invite | 20 spots open | Discord | Steam Group | PvP | PvE |

Welcome Guardians, to Fatum! We are currently looking to fill our newly created sister clan of Moirai, Fatum We have been around since launch of Destiny 1. The clan consist of both veteran and new players. Currently we are looking to expand and level up the clan. We are a PvE, PvP and endgame clan. What we do: - Crucible - Raids - Strikes - Public events - Nightfall If you want to join then we ask of you to be active and be a teamplayer, meaning don't just play solo. You are a member of a clan to play with others and not just by yourself. We have a inactive rule of +2 weeks unless you tell and admin beforehand if you need a longer period of inactivity. Want to join? 1. Join at the following link: 2. Join our discord server link: (requirement) 3. Join our Steam Group (not a requirement) Go out there Guardians and get our loot back! Laserkatten, Misriah and Koi, Founders of Moirai and Fatum

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