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Изменено (IRTEHBATMAN): 10/8/2019 1:45:48 PM

AFK Players Using Bots in Strike Playlists

3 times now I have run into players using bots while in the strike playlist. 2 times they just had the bot make their character jump every few seconds. Today I ran into a guy that was able to move in circles, jump, and then throw a grenade, all while staying in one place. It's not that strikes are hard but dammit, I only have so much time to play and some of these strikes take so much longer when having to do this with a person down. Are these players trying to farm catalysts? I do report these players but I kinda doubt anything will/can be done about it. Should my solution be to just quit out? Though that would just mean other players would join in and have to deal with these people as well. I kind of wish their could be a vote to kick function like in rb6 seige.

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