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10/7/2019 10:16:24 PM

Xbox | 21+ | US Gaming Community | 200+ Discord Users |

[b][u][i]Protocol Gaming – Darkness Protocol[/u][/i][/b] Hello guardians! Darkness Protocol, part of our Protocol Gaming Community, is recruiting! We recently found out the moon is haunted and have about 20 spots currently open to help tackle challenges on the moon. We are looking to fill them with some awesome gamers. Below is a little more about our community. -[url=]Darkness Protocol[/url] [b]Community Mission Statement[/b]: We are a laid back, non toxic adult community that enjoys gaming across multiple games. Although we primarily exist in Destiny we do play other cooperative games with each other and like to share experiences on single player games. We have created a stress free environment to game in, and work hard to keep It that way. We are seeking anything from casual to competitive players as we have a good variety of both. So long as your not toxic to the community and meet the requirements you are welcome in. We don’t advocate for any specific Destiny activity. We have a large diverse community of players from those who raid regularly to those whom just want to lone wolf it, but look to have a community to talk games with. Come in for the games, stay for the community. Even if you have a falling out with Destiny down the road, you can still be a part of the community and interact in the Discord! Discord is what makes this such a great community to be a part of and something our members utilize daily. Some of us utilize cross-save, so you may even see us on PC too! [b][u]What sets our community apart?[/u][/b] -Within our Discord have dedicated channels for a variety of topics to help keep the conversion going outside of Destiny -Most members help each other and teach when they can (usually a raid team forms weekly) -We try and hold contests for prizes to keep things fun and interesting. -We have our own husband and wife duo that make our own merchandise as well as other cool gaming merchandise such as: T-Shirts, Ghosts, beer steins, and more. -We are a community, almost like a gaming family. When we game together it’s always a good time. [u][b]Requirements[/b][/u] -21+ age for many reasons -Must be active 1-3 times bi-weekly in Discord. We’re mostly family men and women, we get life gets in the way. Just try to be active and communicate in our Discord. If you step away from the game for some time, just let us know! -Must not be toxic to other members and no begging for carries (we are a supportive community, but don’t come in expecting to be carried thru every activity) -Join the discord. [b][i]This is a requirement[/i][/b]. We use it as our primary source of communication to organize teams and hold contests. If you do not join and use the discord you might be removed from the community. [b][u]If you’d like to join[/u][/b]: 1) Upvote this post 2) Reply to this post with GamerTag and why you’d like to join (nothing too complicated, this isn’t a job interview) 3) We will typically respond within a few hours and shoot you an invite 4) Once your in the clan join our discord. The link will be provided in the Bungie Clan chat channel You can also message myself (or another admin) in a direct message if more comfortable that way.

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