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10/5/2019 4:44:14 PM

If One Eyed Mask has been nerfed to the ground and it sucks and there's better options...

...then why do most Titans still use it? xD I always see the argument of "it sucks" "I don't use it" "Nobody uses it" "If you were killed by it you're just bad" "you were just outplayed" "One Eyed Mask is trash after the nerf. I hate it" Meanwhile it's still the most used Titan Exotic in the Crucible? Like... why? Wormhusk Crown was pretty nerfed, and now nobody(except for myself) even bothers to use it. It's been my main Exotic ever since I got it, but nobody else bothers because it doesn't give you full health and overshields anymore. So what's even the difference? xD Nobody uses Wormhusk cause it was nerfed, but Titans will regularly "rage switch" to One Eyed Mask when they start doing bad.

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