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10/6/2019 8:02:24 PM

I messed up my steam account's ownings

Hello, When the game launched on steam, I bought the new expansion deluxe package (so 4 season passes) I then linked my xbox account, created a new character and played the tutorial. Once on the tower, I realized that a lot had changed and wanted to start from scratch, without all the already owned stuff in the vault and the items in my inventory. So I disabled save sharing, and created a character on steam. But now, I don't have access to anything from the deluxe edition. I seem to have access to DLC missions, but not the season pass or the cosmetic stuff. My guess is that it probably is linked to my xbox account now? I don't play on xbox anymore, nor do I intend to ever do so now that the game is on steam. Is there any way to remove the passes from my xbox account and put them on steam instead? Something else I could do?

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