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10/6/2019 12:32:19 PM

How To Truly Fix Competetive PvP

I must give a fair warning, this is a controversial suggestion BUT, if you read this post to the end, I will explain my reasoning. I suggest one simple thing: ban Shotguns and Fusion Rifles from the competitive playlists(Survival and Freelance) Now this alone is something that is bound to upset a lot of people, but hear me out. The entire point of a competitive environment is to test your skill and victory is earned through skill(amongst other things, but that's besides the point) Shadowkeep honed the competitive playlist by making it strictly 3v3 survival, which puts more emphasis on gun skill and map control, on top of all this they added this "true skill" system. Shotguns and Fusions have no place in a competitive environment because they require very little effort from their user in exchange for an exceedingly strong benefit. Furthermore, there is simply no possible way to balance Shotguns and Fusions to be in line with everything else without making them weak or underpowered. Straight up banning these two types of special weapons will force people to use weapons that reward you for skillful play, instead of abusing the dominance of a handful of weapon types. This is, to my knowledge, the safest and cleanest way to further improve the competitive playlists.

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