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10/3/2019 4:23:22 AM

Cross-Save Platform Seasons and Entitlements Missing

Since launch I have preordered [b][u]both[/u][/b] Xbox and PC (Blizzard) every Digital Deluxe that includes the Season Pass. That said, I have only logged in on occasion but not really "played" since before Forsaken launched with plans to play eventually (I wanted preorder bonuses). I even pre-ordered the Shadowkeep Digital Deluxe on Steam. This site even says my Steam "Destiny Licenses were successfully transferred" BUT when I go to enable Cross-Save to play my Xbox characters as my "main account" the summary page shows: -Xbox has [u]no[/u] Season entitlements -Xbox has Forsaken, Warmind, Curse of Osiris, The Red War Platform Entitlements -Steam has [u]no[/u] Season entitlements -Steam has [u]no[/u] Platform Entitlements Why do I show no "Season Entitlements" despite my Digital Deluxe purchases on both Xbox and PC of every update? Why does this show no "Platform Entitlements" for Steam despite my successful BNet transfer? I want to start playing on Steam with my Xbox characters but I am afraid of losing all of my content. Please help.

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