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9/26/2019 7:58:51 PM

Truths and Lies Part III: Hello Kryn (Fanfiction)

Truths and Lies Table of Contents: Outskirts of the City, One Month After the Death of Cayde-6. The plaza was dark and deserted. There were signs of a recent gathering there among the dark shadows of the buildings. The various bits of trash on the ground along with the remnants of objects left behind were enough to be sure. Kryn and Darek searched for signs of Dredgen Truth along with their ghosts, the blue rays of the ghosts scanning casting a glow across the area. "Anything?" Kryn's ghost spoke up, "That buildings supposed to be abandoned, but there's an energy signature." Darek looked at the ghost. "As good a place as any, I guess." "This place is a trash heap. Why would you give a speech here anyway." "Getting a little judgy Kryn. The closer he gets to the Tower or the center the more likely he is to get caught. Better speak here and escape than speak in the Tower and have Zavala in your face." "I suppose" Darek's ghost spoke in an annoyed tone, "building to search. Anyone remember that?" "Yep, let's go." The building was run down and on the verge of collapsing in some portions. There was trash piled up in the corners and dust floated freely in the air. "Where's the energy signature?" "Follow the ghosts Darek" "Sure, follow the ghosts. They always know where they're going." "As your ghost, I resent that statement and understand where it comes from at the exact same time." "Wonderful." Kryn's ghost interrupted the exchange before any more could be said. "It should be right here. But there's nothing." Kryn looked around. This portion looked exactly the same as the others, except… "There", Kryn pointed toward the right corner of the building. "What?" "There's no dust." "Why is that important?" "Look around Darek." "Oh." Kryn walked to the right corner. When she got close her surroundings shimmered with a bright blue light. When it stopped shimmering she could see a computer station set up. There were beams holding up the ceiling and a single hologram projector. "A hologram used to hide equipment. Sounds like Cause. Wonder if that's where he got the idea." "Woah, I feel sick." "Disorientation. Passing through a hologram does that." She looked at the computer screen as she said that. It displayed two words. "Hello Kryn."

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