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Truths and Lies Part II: Words From the Drifter (Fanfiction)

Truths and Lies Table of Contents: The Drifter watched two guardians approach him. One was a light brown haired male Hunter. His armor was a ragged collection of scraped up fallen plating. His eyes were blue and his expression was almost unreadable. The other was a female Hunter. She had long black hair and brown eyes. Her armor was that of an assassin. Light, thin pieces of metal worn in a pattern that allowed for optimal movement. She looked cynically at him as if wondering what he was good for. "Well, well, well. What do we have here," the Drifter said this in a purposely condescending to see how they reacted. The female responded first, "We seek information, nothing more. We're certainly not interested in your games." Her voice had a cold edge to it. "That's a shame, I could always use fresh guardians in Gambit. There's always more to be earned there." Darek cleared his throat. "That certainly sounds interesting bu-" "It sounds interesting cause you're interested. You should try it. Gambit may be just your style." "As I was saying, we need information on a man named Dredgen Truth. Do you know anything." The Drifter laughed, "He's not one of the Shadows as far as I know. Heck he's even tried his best to alienate himself from them. Yeah I know some things. Maybe not what you want to hear though. He speaks mainly in the outskirts, the center of the city's too guarded for him. Anytime anyone tried to crash one of his parties they ended up arresting a decoy or finding nothing at all. Someone even got stuck in a warehouse once! That was a real hoot, took his ghost an hour to unlock the door. Past that I couldn't tell you anything." Kryn spoke with a sharp edge in her voice. "That's all you know." "Everything" "We'll be going then." She turned around, grabbed Dareks arm and dragged him out of the room. He stuttered a goodbye to the Drifter. Kryn spoke while still dragging Darek behind her. "He didn't tell us everything." "No really. I never would have guessed that." "I don't have time for your sarcasm Darek. Right now we need to start tracking him down before he becomes aware we're hunting him. And what better place to start than the last place we know he spoke."

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