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9/27/2019 3:59:37 AM

Destiny Short Stories // A Man Who Drifts

Martian winds swept across the sandy red earth as mechanical structures protruded up from the ground. A lone guardian navigated his way through the maze of structures with caution. His name was lost long ago at the start of the Dark Age of humanity. No one remembers who he was or what he did to become so dangerous, but they know how dangerous he is. Some say he is more powerful than the Man with the Golden Gun. Others say he is only a myth to scare children from running off to Mars. In a distant building, another guardian was observing the figure through the scope of a sniper rifle. Sunlight reflected off the surface of a ruined building and blinded the guardian looking through the scope. They looked away in pain and readjusted the scope to observe the man more. As the guardian looked back through the scope, she saw nothing of the man and his presence. She frantically aimed back and forth to try to find him but couldn’t. “Why are you watching me?” a chilling voice asked behind her. In a panic, she spun around and shot at where the voice came from. The figure that stood before her held the bullet within his hand and dropped it on the floor. “Wh-who are y-you?” the guardian asked in panic. The man walked toward her and put his hand on her shoulder. “I’m just a man who drifts,” he responded calmly before disappearing.

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