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Looking for a group of guys to run around the solar system with [PS4] [UK]

Hi everyone, So I really miss playing Destiny. I used to have a hardcore bunch of mates who I slept, ate and breathed Destiny with. However, over the past couple of year everything has kind of fizzled dry. A lot stopped playing because they didn't enjoy the state of Destiny 2 vanilla. I've tried to remain dedicated and stuck with Bungie through it all. I feel sad right now because I've missed out on so much content and game play because I really don't enjoy playing the game solo. Really need a chilled out group of cool people to run around with. I'm mainly PvE focused, mainly because my PvP skilled aren't top notch, but I'm always trying to improve. Hope there's some people out there who are welcoming to another fireteam member. Things I miss: * Stomping through raids and strikes (nightfalls) and knowing all the mechanics * Not done any raid lairs * getting all the Exotic, pinnacle and decent weapons * general banter and silliness Preferably looking for UK based people, just so it's easier to be online at the same time. Oh, and I'm playing on PS4.

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