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3 feels dead to me. I want to cry a ocean.

The good subforums like #community and #gaming were lobotomized for no reason! Nothing really changed at all for the better here for the past year. Reddit seems to replace as a proper feedback forum and even a actual Bungie forum as you can just search threads on a search bar but in there is no such thing. #destiny2 is a salt mine that Bungie chooses leaves running and chooses to ignore even when there is good information to improve their game freshly on the table for a whole week. Bungie never even ban players for criticism or harassment to create a steady flow of feedback. D2 subforums is just too salty and an endless rant war ground. Have an opinion? Argue for you life until you realized you wasted your precious time ! During the passing of the first week of Destiny 2’s launch, Bungie’s loyal community was so pissed at the recent track record of Bungo’s poor decision making that the anger and criticism made Bungie become stubborn and turn head nodding to subdue the population to the point evening dying wishes for the smallest things were literally treated like spam. They even shamelessly deleted those dying wishes when multiple popular posts covered the whole page, begging them to just do it already so that everyone can be happy. Very adult, very professional to addresses your fans when you call them spammers who only should go their way. Bungo panicked and told the mods to assasinate the posts for having a similar message which Bungo still to this day done nothing about to win back their trust. Also, > No wonder the community managers prefer Reddit over their own site! Bungie’s relationship with its true formerly loyal community is a mess, people usually blame steamers for acting like they speak for them. Streamers do NOT equal “community members”. people who believe that are cult members or have naive memories about the old Bungie. This is not the old Bungie we all knew and loved. Bungie since D2 made me feel like they are the devs of Planetside 2, the game could be much better and people play because they have hope that it can one day but it is sometimes sabotaged by its own creators when it shows progress that the community has to slap and criticize them to get something in the game fixed. The return of random rolls and proper weapon types only became a reality when people -blam!- to them for more than a month or year. may not be best for the game they are trying to sell to everyone, but it does have a hope: A proper community site if you avoid #destiny2 and the game altogether. However, Bungie had done some stupid things to control who acceses their forums. I miss the Flood! They were the best community the site could have ever. Bungie murdered them off two years ago by either banning them or telling that they can only use their precious offtopic if they buy a copy of Destiny 2 and play the game. After, that slaughter, the Flood survivors either died off in their group cities or never came back, and continued to mingle with the offtopicans even if the game was made free. Then Bungo nuked their history and heritage by erasing all the old halo forum Flood posts off the site. So the offtopicans are not only the next generation but the only generation in to thrive without ranting about a trash game on a trash site. is a shiet hole right now. Sometimes I wish they do ANYTHING to change this place up. My prayers here are never answered no matter how bright it is.

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