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9/21/2019 9:09:01 AM

Saxophone error

So, as I was setting up cross platform i linked my xbox account and steam account to the wrong pc account.. The pc account was a legitimate account that I had made previously but never made any characters on. I have bought forsaken on pc and xbox and now I want to play with my xbox account on pc, I don't understand why it doesn't work even with the wrong pc account? As I won't be using my pc account anyway but will be using my xbox characters on pc. I've tried running both destiny programme and the blizzard launcher with administrator, I've also restarted the blizzard app and my pc multiple times.I am able to play destiny with no issues if I just log onto my other account (which isn't connected to crossplay) However I want to play with my xbox characters, I was trying to fix this last night for about 2 hours but all related video's seem to be about either 2 years old or about a free trial version, (which I don't have!) I thought it may be fixed in the morning but still no change... Please get back to me ASAP as I want to play aha. Thanks

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