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9/21/2019 12:44:08 AM

Certain weapon reload animations prevent dawnblade ability activation

I previously noticed that single shot grenade launcher reload animations prevent the activation of the Dawnblade Well of Radiance - specially once the grenade launcher is in the opened position. I just checked, and the single shot grenade launcher reload animation still prevents the activation of Well of Radiance. Today I noticed when reloading Bite of the Fox that when the magazine is removed, then there's a random chance that the Phoenix Dive cannot activate. It appears to me that there are either a few frames in which this bug exists, it may be dependent on the environment (I noticed a difference in the rate of occurrence when on Titan vs the Tribute Hall, for example), or it's just random. It does not seem to affect Icarus Dash or the activation of Well of Radiance. I noticed this while using Wings of Sacred Dawn. Thanks, stoked for Shadowkeep!

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