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Destiny 2 tutorial prompts missing on replay?

Hello, I had played a little bit of Destiny 2 when it came to PC for free. But I had a toaster for a computer back then, hence the gameplay was terrible. I recently got a gaming laptop and thought I can play D2 again. So I installed it, unfortunately I didn't remember the controls or general gameplay. So I decided to delete my old character and go with a new one. The issue is, there are no tutorials this time it seems, for the controls or anything else. The mission is there, but no instructions or prompts or anything. I'm fairly confident last time there were control prompts and such and even an intro video explaining the light and ghosts. But nothing this time, is there a way to get the tutorials back? I don't see any setting for the same. Any help would be appreciated, I don't remember anything about the game. And without the tutorials provided it seems like it'll be a very steep learning curve.
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