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9/19/2019 1:13:34 PM

[PC] Bought Destiny 2 twice problem

Sooo i think i screwed up. I had destiny 2, COO, and warmind. I just picked up destiny 2 again and was looking for the new forsaken expansion and couldnt find it anywhere on bungie and no information on why i couldnt buy it. I went on a website that was selling forsaken. The only key i could find was destiny 2 - legendary collection. This includes D2, C00, warmind, and forsaken.... so i essentially bought everything twice just to play forsaken. Is there any way to partially return a key? I know there probably isnt anything bungie can do but im sorta mad that i couldnt find any information on the PC forsaken removal and ended up having to buy what i already had just to get the forsaken expansion.
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