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9/19/2019 3:29:40 PM

Annual Pass Now Free - Problems/Solutions

As many of you are aware, they recently made their once-$35 Annual Pass free for all Forsaken owners. Granted, I waited until it dropped to $15 before getting it but, still, I did pay for something they are now making free to anyone who stayed up through Forsaken. The problem here is very obvious, most everyone who bought the DLC are now feeling slighted they gave money to something that ultimately became free. Understandable. Almost all of those people are demanding refunds. Less-than understandable. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. Would be nice but, yeah, it doesn't. So how about a solution to this feeling of being slighted by a freebie? My solution is actually simple. Before you give it away for free, give something extra to those who already paid for it. I'm not exactly sure when it went free, I'd imagine on Tuesday at the reset, but let's do something like this: "If you own Forsaken and the Annual Pass before Tuesday, September 10th, then you will find some exclusive rewards waiting for you at the Post Master when you login after the reset on the 10th. And on Tuesday, September 17th, the Annual Pass will be free to all Forsaken owners!" Now what would those rewards be? How about a gift package of an exclusive Exotic Ship, Sparrow, Ghost Shell and Emote? Or how about an exclusive Exotic Weapon? You might be saying, "But the weapon would be an unfair advantage!" Not necessarily. Let's look at the Arbalest. That's a fun exotic. Has some uses but isn't anything end-all, be-all. "Middle of the road" and something different to play with when you wanna play with it. The weapon could be something like that. Just a freebie Exotic Weapon that's very "middle of the road" and something different to play with that Pass owners who paid for the Pass are getting for free. What about going forward? Well, honestly, they could continue to do something similar if they wanted to keep players engaged and coming back. We got Season 8 coming up, right? So why not by the start of Season 10, or maybe 11, that Season 8 becomes free? Then! Owners of Season 8 would get something exclusive before it goes free. I know, I know, not everything will be there that was with Season 8 during the season. Fine. But there would still be seasonal exotics to collect and the new Raid would still be there that they can now play. They just wouldn't get to do the "Vex Offensive" seasonal event and maybe some timed seasonal quests or something. Thoughts? Please share.

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