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Изменено (Morlik): 9/19/2019 3:44:02 PM

Trying to understand how Cross Save will work with Shadowkeep and Season passes

I've been reading up on Shadowkeep , the season passes and the Cross Save and I'm still not sure exactly what I will need to purchase in order to be able to play all update to date content on both PC and Xbox. Cross save is enabled on my accounts. My Xbox account is the main one being used. I have everything purchased up to Forsaken and the season pass on both PC and Xbox. Everything plays fine on both platforms via Cross Save. For Shadowkeep, I am planning on purchasing Shadowkeep Deluxe edition and want to be able to play all content on both platforms. I've read somewhere, unsure where at this point, that the Seasonal content is carried over from the main account source. for me, it would be Xbox. Is it accurate to assume that I can just purchase Shadowkeep Deluxe (contains all seasons) on Xbox and just normal Shadowkeep (no seasons) for PC and still be able to partake in everything on both platforms?

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