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Looking for guardians that are under 2100 glory

Hey there, Since it's getting closer to the end of the season im looking for guardians who are under 2100 glory and looking for help and want to join our discord "clan". I say clan like that since we have 2350+ members, so we don't have an actual clan but play together like one. We have an LFG in discord that is purely an LFG no ads like this site has. I also help as much as I can when I have free time. If you would like to join for some help message me or post below and I will respond to as many as I can. Not posting the link as I screen people to make sure they aren't bots (ad bots etc) or people trying to gain access to 'be toxic etc. Edit: Hey everyone at work right now once I am home I will start responding and sending invites!

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