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9/18/2019 6:51:56 PM

Faction Rallies Ornaments

In Year 1, I fell in love with the Executor's Will Cover ornament for the New Monarchy helmet. So I grinded every month of those Faction Rallies to get it. But then Forsaken made old armor obsolete, which was a shame, but Forsaken was so awesome, I'll forgive Bungie this small slight. In short, I'd love with these new universal ornaments and other Year 1 ornaments returning, to see those Faction Rallies earnings come into play. It's sooooo low priority, but I'd love to rep such a rare item in game as a universal ornament. Or, heck, I actually liked Faction Rallies, and I would like them to return. Just chilling on patrol zones can be a blast, but eventually it's nice to hit a challenge. Faction Rallies ran a good balance on that note. If they came back, maybe there could be armor that would use those old ornaments. Thanks, Bungie! Can't wait for Shadowkeep.

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