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9/17/2019 9:26:55 PM

[Fanfiction] Spark of Glory Ch. 7: Valus Sha'arn

[b][i]Heya! For any new readers to my series, here’s the ToC: [/b][/i] I failed to mention that there are two doors on each side - four in total not counting the entrance. That meant there were 19 Cabal - 16 from the sides, and the 3 up at the deck. With just 10 of us, I failed to see any possibility of us winning. Looking behind, I saw that the door was red instead of green - likely locked. There would be no escape. The commander yelled something and the Cabal began marching forward, guns raised and ready to fire. We moved in a defensive line, and I slid remote-activated grenades to the corners next to the two stairs - the Cabal were in the middle of them, where two pillars blocked their view, and luckily the gilded ones at the controls did not notice. As we moved back even further - enough to avoid the grenades - the Cabal advanced to the top of the stairs. [i]Closer… Closer… Now![/i] I activated the grenades. They exploded, killing four of the Cabal and merely startling the rest of them and the ones of us who weren’t prepared. Immediately we took the advantage and began attacking, killing about 2 more - there were now 13 left. We took 3 more down but lost one, then that became 2 for 2. We stayed strong even though our numbers began to dwindle. Eventually it was just down to three of us - me, Rajiks, and Bravik - and 6 Cabal, with three of them gilded. We took down two more, then... it happened. Time seemed to slow down as I saw one of the bodyguards heading straight to Bravik, who was focused on a different enemy. His armor was weak due to battle wear. I tried to get there as fast as I could, but… The Cabal hit him with such force that he flew back and hit the wall, then he fell down, dead. In that moment, I thought of one thing: [i]The Eliksni were once powerful. But now this? If this is how I die, I will not go down in vain.[/i] I dropped my Shrapnel Launcher, taking my Arc blades and charging at the Cabal. With a swift flurry of blows, I killed the only normal one left, and began attacking one of the bodyguards. Rajiks began attacking the other bodyguard. I sliced and slashed, trying to break through the armor. I was hit a few times but that didn’t matter - all I cared about was revenge for Bravik. Eventually they were finished and all that was left was the gilded one. Charging at him, I attempted an immediate blow to the head deflected by his arm. He charged at me himself, throwing me across the room and likely breaking a bone or two. I couldn’t feel the pain though - I was driven by rage. Coming upon the gilded one, I was like a demon - placing multiple dents in his armor. Eventually it began cracking and oil began seeping out, and he began weakening. He fell to the ground, and with my shock pistol, I ended his pain. “Let’s go,” I said to Rajiks, solemnly. I used codes I found on the commander to open the door and we went on our way. We returned to the makeshift base in the hangar - me limping a bit due to various injuries - and someone asked, “Where are the rest?” I stayed silent. He got my message and nodded, sadly. “We will send teams to salvage anything in this ship.” I handed him the codes and quickly replied, “See if you can find anything related to their language. I would like to study it, in case we encounter this species again.” I received medical treatment, then we returned to the Ketch. Another day had passed, but one that would not disappear from my mind, with the death of Bravik. Determined to continue on, I went to the bridge, and sat down next to Draksis. “So, what now? Will you go back into your cryopod?” he questioned, looking off into space. I thought for a moment. Then I answered, “Yes. Of course, you can wake me up again should anything happen again. But, I suppose this is goodbye. Lead well, Draksis, and may the stars be with you.” With that, I left for the cryobay. [b]END[/b]

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