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9/17/2019 8:47:03 AM

Truth in gambit

*Invader incom-* *Boom* yeah youre already dead and those motes you lost arent coming back, whatd you get killed with? Guess. Yeah i actaully dont even have to ask. Some of us still enjoy gambit. Some of us dont. Regaurdless MOST of us play it from time to time for loot or whatever, that being said it needs attention. Truth is now dominating gambit in ways that sleeper and queen breaker wish they did, making the game mode less and less fun, especially for solo play. Truth dominates in gambit because its ammo is allways available, invaders are equiped with wall hacks as well as auto aim/tracking plus high velocity rockets and overshields to boot. When you mix these things you make invading so easy you could do it blind folded if someone was telling you where to look and it is not fun to play against. The truth can be changed a number of ways to make it viable but not nearly unbeatable. Changes to velocity come to mind as well as a longer lock on timer. As it sits your best hope(or at least mine) is to hit a headshot with a sniper before they can lock on and fire, keep in mind that also means i have to find the invader first and get a clear shot while theyre jumping around seeing my every move through walls and firing nuclear bombs that find you quicker than your assigned fbi agent ever could. More often often than not i get to trade and save my team mates which while that maybe not the worst still feels like im being robbed by a 90 yr old senior with a very dangerous and easy to use cane... or crutch if you will... Truthfully the bottom line is if you keep giving players(invaders) things like wall hacks AND auto aim/tracking on a rocket with max blast radius high velocity and a lock on thats quicker than shin malphurs draw while wearing lucky pants than guess what.. THE GAME MODES GONNA SUCK AND WERE NOT GONNA WANNA PLAY WHAT COULD BE AN AMAZINGLY UNIQUE AND DESTINY EXCLUSIVE GAME MODE. Gambit could be good guys. Just make invaders work for it jeez.

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