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9/16/2019 11:44:12 PM

Cannot Complete Cross Save

I am unable to complete the cross save process. I have a PSN account that is banned for backcharging playstation? (I guess happens automatically if there is a backcharge). I thought this was a fraudulent charge, since I don't even own a playstation anymore. When your account is banned, you cannot even log in to playstations website. So the option to do get past the "Authenticate Accounts" section of the cross save process is impossible, since all of the accounts have to be authenticated. Since I cannot even log in, I cannot authenticate that service. When I go to my account options, I cannot unlink my psn account either, since it requires authentication. (like mentioned above, literally impossible.) Can I get anyhelp unlinking my psn account. I have been playing D2 on PC pretty much since it launched on pc.

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