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Изменено (Fieldy HD): 9/17/2019 12:41:37 PM

(XBOX UK PLAYERS) - EGUK ARE EXPANDING ! Looking for a new clan ready for Shadowkeep? Look no further.

Elite Guardians UK is a well established and are looking to expand ready for the release of shadowkeep! We complete all Destiny activities from strikes to raids with regular raid teaching runs for the inexperienced raiders who want to complete them, we also have a good balance of PVP. If your looking for a place you can just come and enjoy some company whilst going about your normal game activity or your looking to group up with people and work towards getting that sweet loot then you looking at the right place. We have a few simple rules: 1: Everyone is a person behind their gamer tag so be respectful to everyone, toxic behaviour is not tolerated. 2: Join our Discord Server and use frequently, this is where we are all United together. Anyone who is found not using Discord will be removed. 3: Join / Create clan activities within Discord, anyone found directly using any other LFG places E.G Xbox LFG will be removed. 4: Contribute a minimum of 12.5k XP to the Clan XP every 3 weeks. 5: Just have fun and create some new friends! If this sounds like the place for you and you would like an invite to the clan here's that invite link again See you soon Guardian

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