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9/15/2019 6:52:57 AM

Fireteam Finder is getting annoying with the “Pay for Carries” bullcrap

Can someone moderate the Fireteam section? Hard enough trying to find teammates to do activities with, but these players getting people together for raids, Crucible, etc, they always say Venmo/Paypal for carries. Look, if I wanted to go do a Flawless raid, I’d set it up witb clanmates. But when I’m just running for loot and a chill run for any game mode, I don’t want to join people like this. If you need money, get a damn job instead conning players with their hard earned money. I’ve reported so many people, but it just never ends. There NEEDS to be an option to be able to go on the person’s profile and report them for false fireteams/conning players. Obviously, you have the power to track these kids’ accounts whenever they make new ones. I’ve tracked the IP of a player who had posted 3 times with 3 different profiles. Reported them all, but this barely does anything to help clear out these people. Get your mods in there Bungie. Ban these kids from your game.

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