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9/13/2019 11:06:57 AM

Solar Titans Underperforming

[u][b]Solar Titan Issues[/b][/u] It’s no secret that Solar Titans are one of the more underutilized subclasses in PvP and are perpetually locked into the niche role of Melting Point bots in PvE. This is for several reasons that I’ve outlined below. I identified each of the issues by looking at where certain subclasses were under-performing. Many of my suggested changes came from making direct comparison of abilities between Solar Titans and the other Solar Classes, or against the other Titan sub-classes. I do inject my opinion when offering potential solutions to improve abilities and traits, but I did my best to outline the reasoning behind it. I chose to omit my damage calculations to keep the post shorter, but any reference to damage comparisons is based on numerical values from repeated in game testing that I can reference if needed. Abilities shared across Classes would also be subject to benefiting from the changes marked below. (EX. Fusion/Sticky Grenades and Incendiary Grenades). Please comment below with any feedback, preferably constructive. [u][b]Exotic Synergy[/b][/u] From a flat damage output perspective, base Titan supers under-perform the other classes equivalent counterparts. Thundercrash does less damage than Nova Bomb while putting the user in a potentially hazardous position. Fist of Havoc/Sentinel Shield/Burning Maul have lower base damage output than Arcstrider. Even top tree hammers requires a large target and a paired exotic to remain relevant. The reason behind this seems to be the addition of Synthoceps surrounded perk. Without the perk active, all Titan supers are markedly less effective, but with it active they become mechanic shatteringly powerful. As a result, it arguably the best in slot exotic for Titans in PvE and overwhelmingly powerful when active in PvP (overshadowed only by One Eyed Masks neutral game) regardless of subclass. Bearing this in mind, I’d recommend that all Titan supers receive a +20% base damage increase, paired with a reduction to the Synthoceps surrounded perk super damage bonus to 25% (down from 50%). That would yield identical damage with Synthoceps active to its current state but reducing all Titan subclasses dependency on the exotic overall, allowing more variety in PvE. I’m sure everyone who just read that is up in arms about the idea of Fist of Havoc being even more powerful at the base level. However, by my calculations, the damage increase wouldn’t yield any significant TTK difference trading between Supers, especially after the coming changes to mitigation. (all roaming supers should be able to one shot one another on direct impact/melee hit in an ideal setting.) This change would primarily bring Titan supers in line with other classes supers for damage in PvE, while keeping the exotic relevant but not essential. Keep this +20% Damage increase in mind when viewing the other issues presented for Solar Titans and how it would augment those changes. It’s entirely possible that change alone would be enough to offset some of these grievances. For those of you who still aren’t sold on that, just keep in mind most Titan supers haven’t received any major direct damage boosts since Destiny 2 launched, only changes in super duration/uptime/situational mechanics and the Synthoceps buff. Most other supers in the game to date have received at least some significant increases to their base damage. [b][u]Super and Subclass Changes [/u][/b] Universal +20% Base Damage Increase across all Titan Supers. (as outlined for the reasons above) Additionally; [u]Code of the Siegebreaker (Bottom Tree)[/u] [b]Problem: [/b]Inconsistent hit registration of direct impacts on moving/jumping targets. [b]Solution:[/b] Increase base explosion radius of hammers to improve the consistency of lethality on glancing blows. [u]Mortar Blast (Melee): [/u] [b]Problem:[/b] Knockback from this melee ability frequently negates the damage of the punch itself, leaving targets burning but relatively unharmed. Occurs most frequently in PvP but does happen occasionally in PvE during high latency 6-man instances (Raids/Menagerie). [b]Solution: [/b]Move melee damage to the explosion effect to improve reliability and increase area of effect lethality on grouped targets. (Would behave similarly to Tactical Strike with an emphasis on direct AoE damage instead of the application of detonators) and remove the burn effect. [u]Code of the Fire-Forged (Top Tree)[/u] [b]Problem:[/b] Inconsistent hit registration of direct impacts on moving/jumping targets. [b]Solution:[/b] Same increase to base explosion radius as Bottom-Tree on initial hammer throw. Radius increase should not affect the shattered projectiles of Vulcan’s Rage. [b]Problem: [/b]Weak overall neutral game, heavily reliant on hammer strike+super. [b]Solution: [/b]Explosive Pyre: Currently only chains explosions on hammer kills, should be expanded to include all solar ability kills to improve overall neutral game in PvE and multi-kill potential of basic abilities in PvP. (Similar to Bloom, Arc Web, Controlled Demolition) [u]Code of the Devastator (Middle Tree)[/u] [b]Problem:[/b] Code of the Devastator asks the player to be markedly more aggressive in both PvE and PvP without affording them effective tools for survivability outside of Super. This is mainly an issue with Tireless Warrior. Chasing after your hammer to trigger health regen and to regain the melee ability, unless intentionally trying to accrue stacks of Roaring Flames against weak enemies. [b]Solution:[/b] Killing blows with Throwing Hammer when critical (red hp) grants an over-shield. Note: Initially I thought about making it a small flat HP bump, but decided the separate over-shield mechanic, paired with the regen applied of retrieving the hammer had more potentially game-play applications and ability synergy. [u][b]Grenades[/b][/u] [u]Fusion Grenades[/u] [b]Problem: [/b]Inconsistent throw mechanics and aoe damage. [b]Solution: [/b]Improve target tracking to increase reliability against close/aggressive targets. [u]Incendiary Grenades[/u] [b]Problem: [/b]Base explosion damage is weaker than similar grenades (Flashbang/Suppressor). Burn effect spreads supplemental damage over a longer period, allowing for more opportunities for counter play. [b]Solution:[/b] Primary explosion damage should be increased to be in line with other similar grenades. Maximum explosion damage + Burn should be near fatal to low resilience Guardians in PvP and allow for more consistent lethality in PvE. (Approximately 180 total max explosion + burn damage.) [u]Thermite Grenades[/u] [b]Problem:[/b] Damage per second is lower and less reliable than other area denial grenade effects, and easily negated by terrain. [b]Solution:[/b] Increase damage per pulse by approximately 25%. This would allow 2 pulses to kill a full HP guardian in PvP and increase effectiveness against tougher enemies and bosses in PvE. This would bring the PvP TTK in line with other area denial grenades, but remain to be less consistent overall, effectively countering the potentially high initial damage spike of any individual wave.

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