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9/11/2019 3:46:33 PM

The Final Truth of Dredgen Truth (Fanfiction)

The Final Truth How do guardians view the Light. Some worship it without question. They fill it to the brim with zealots and fanatics. They throw themselves into the path of the Dark over and over. Getting trampled each time. We guardians endure much pain so that others do not have to. We fall by the dozens in the worst of times, and in the best in doubles. We lose numbers to the point that we will run out of numbers to spare. All this because of blind unquestioning trust in an object we have next to no knowledge of. And we shun the knowledge of those who have more. There is value to be gained in the research of the Red Legion, the experience of the Eliksni, and the hatred of the Hive. Do not shun all other opinions because they contradict your own. Listen to them, then change your opinion, or keep it. This is the simple solution. Do not simply be martyrs and zealots for a cause you do not fully understand. Question your cause, learn about it from all points of view. Then decide if it is worth following to the death. And only then, become martyrs for this cause. - Dredgen Truth Truths and Lies Table of Contents:

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