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The Fourth Truth of Dredgen Truth (Fanfiction)

The Fourth Truth Do you question what you see? Do you think to yourself, I wonder if what he says is the truth? If the answer is yes, then you already have half an understanding of the way knowledge works. If the answer is no, put aside your naive notions of the world. Listen to me and learn. Then question what you have read, ask yourself if what I have stated is correct. If it is not then correct me, I welcome further teaching. Question everything you have read, seen, or heard. Ask yourself first, do I believe this. Next ask, is this correct, then, is this moral. Research what you hear after you hear it. Make sure your understanding is full. If it is not, then complete it. Those who do not complete their understanding are a burden to the universe and its people. Some will argue this with the point that all life is valuable. That it is. Even a fool can be taught calculus with enough patience. All they have to do is be open to teaching. If they are not, if they let their ignorance run rampant. They will poison people with their stupidity. And those who look up to them will be steered wrong. So always strive to understand that which is taught, then teach yourself more. - Dredgen Truth Truths and Lies Table of Contents:

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